Borrow our lovely Aoife...

Life is getting busier and busier and Aoife has joined borrow my doggy.

Ideally we’d like to find someone that might like to take her for a walk, have her sit in their home office with them or perhaps have her for a short stay. She is a loving dog who enjoys company and a quieter environment.

About Aoife…

She is a Lurcher (half greyhound and half bedlington terrier) and nearly 5 years old. 

Responds to: Her name, treats and lots of love. She’s an absolute softy. 

Likes: Cuddles, walks and company. She’s a loving lurcher so is content to slumber when she’s not on a walk. She won’t be bringing you a ball to play with but she might come and ask you for a cuddle. She is used to coming to work with me but enjoys peaceful environments so a busy young household would not be for her. We do allow her on one sofa in the house and she is obedient with other furniture in the house where she is not allowed. 

Worst habits: Aoife is a well trained dog, but the terrier in her means that she does love to find a rabbit. She’s a big girl blouse  with dogs that are bigger than herself and will defensively bark.

 She is a well behaved dog but will be best suited to someone who has experience of dogs. 


When borrowing Aoife…

Walking: Aoife tends to get an average of about an hour a day, but loves a longer walk when we can on weekends. Mostly we take her somewhere she can walk off the lead. She’s got good recall and is friendly with most dogs although a bit intimidated by those bigger than her! She is good on the lead for a lead walk. She loves to promenade a seafront and is happy walking around a town. 

Feeding: Aoife is fed kibble. She has a bigger meal in the morning and a smaller snack the evening. She is quite ‘take it or leave it’ with her food so sometimes her breakfast is still down at 4pm. She does love a dinner table scrap though where it’s safe and appropriate. 

Sleeping: Aoife sleeps downstairs in our lounge but has free roam of the house. She has two beds, one in the kitchen and one in the lounge and that is where she will lie. (She is cafe/pub trained too – so given a small blanket to lay on will be quite content. Bless her she’s all bone  and muscle so she needs that little bit of comfort like most greyhounds would).


If you think you’d be a good fit for Aoife, please do get it touch:

07967 819540

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