Becky Hogg

talented Goldwork artist & tutor

Becky Hogg gold work
Becky has always loved craft and the enjoyment of making things by hand, as well as a love for pattern and colour.
After a degree in Textiles at Loughborough Art college, she embarked on a 3 year apprenticeship at the Royal school of Needlework. The practical skills and experience gained during her time there covered all aspects of hand embroidery, and have formed an important part of her work for the last 20yrs. 

Becky specialises in Metal thread embroidery, a technique traditionally seen on ceremonial dress and historical costume. This striking style of embroidery has a sculptural feel and uses threads that are pure metal. 

gold work workshop


Often raised up by a felt padded surface to create light and shadow on the metallic threads, the application of the metal threads is quite different to other processes in hand embroidery; as each metal is held on the surface of the fabric with a sewing thread, as they are too thick or too delicate to sew with. 

The beauty of the metal threads; their textures, colours and styles, some of which are supple with a cotton core, some of which are stiff wires hold endless inspiration for Becky.
She endeavours to keep hold of the traditional stitches and threads but also loves to build on these, keeping the embroidery fresh and contemporary.
Goldwork embroidery workshop

Becky now runs her own business ‘Becky Hogg Embroidery‘ from her seaside home of Hastings.

She produces metal thread embroidery kits which are sold worldwide.

You can learn the Delicate art of gold work embroidery...

Make your own Hasting Mackerel with Becky in our upcoming workshop on Tuesday 4th October 2022.

This workshop is suitable for a complete beginner as Becky will guide you through each step. 

The kit is included in the price of the workshop, but it would be good to bring your own embroidery scissors. 

A truly creative and mindful day, finished with your own new Goldowork Mackerel – a lovely gift to yourself or friends! (I’m even thinking quirky Christmas Tree Dec?!)

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