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A very exciting & Brand New workshop!

Build your colour confidence with us

I’m Sarah. I have wanted to help people understand about colour for ages.

Colour is a huge topic and  I know that for a lot of people, either starting out or already on the patchwork journey, colour can be intimidating.

But, when you have a new idea for a workshop it isn’t always clear, straight away, how you can deliver that workshop.

colour confidence

To run a successful workshop it needs to be interactive and for ages I’ve been struggling with how to bring a colour workshop to life. 

Do we sit and sew a variety of patchwork blocks that will allow us to play with colour? 

Do we get colouring pencils and colour in line drawings to allow us to play with colour? 

How can you get people to easily play with colour without taking up too much time on each exercise?

colour confidence

It would be true to say that this particular workshop has been sat in my brain for about four years. 

Covid definitely slowed it down but it’s taken me ages to work out quite how to deliver and build colour confidence. 

As a tutor there is nothing more exciting than coming up with a new idea, learning all you can about the subject, creating the content and devising the lesson plan. Having a great idea and then bringing the workshop to life is one of my favourite parts of what I do. 

For me, as a tutor, the best feeling is sharing knowledge and watching others have that ‘lightbulb’ moment.


colour confidence

As I delivered the first ever session of our new workshop ‘Building Colour Confidence’ I had a buzz of excitement within me. 

When I asked the room at the beginning of the session why they had booked the class I knew the workshop was going to help. They were the same comments that I had held in my brain as I had planned. I was going to be able to answer a lot of questions and help them build their confidence in their colour choices. 

Watching the group undertake exercises, interact with each other, laugh with each other and learn from each other was a real joy. 

colour confidence

I always say that there is so much more to learn in a workshop when things don’t go right and I reminded everybody of that on the day. 

The colour and pattern choices didn’t need to be perfect because every single one was going to show us something new and help us better understand. 

What did people think of our first ever workshop?

‘This was my first visit to the Made and Making studio.  I received a very warm welcome and was soon feeling very much at home in the friendly, relaxed environment.
The course had been carefully planned, with great attention to detail, and was exceptionally well taught. The content included a combination of theory and practical work with many handouts to take home.  
Sarah photographed our work as the day progressed and then provided a splendid follow-up by sending us these photographs to enable us to build on our experience.
I left feeling I had learned a lot and wanting to know more.
Many thanks, Sarah, for your infectious enthusiasm and for all your hard work.’
– S
‘Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the workshop so much!
I am finding I am seeing through more aware eyes – on walks, my clothes, the jewel blanket crochet project and when I create altars for my yurt – reflecting why some of the colours work so well and moving towards choosing proactively!

Thank you again!’

colour confidence

‘It was exactly what I wanted and needed.  

I started the morning with absolutely no self belief in choosing colour and by the end I was really proud of what I had put together.The practical exercises were brilliant in putting theory into practice and allowed us to try out different combinations.

 I can’t think of anything which would have improved the course!  It was excellent.’ 
– H

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