Beginners’ basket weaving – Paper String Coaster

paper coaster
This is a brilliant introduction to basket making techniques using slightly softer materials. Join local artist Danoush Lachman to create a colourful coaster from paper string and learn the principles of the coiling technique.
Basket or mat coiling is a traditional technique practiced around the world in areas of soft grass and reeds. For the colour lovers or those with a design eye this technique enables the weaver to produce colourful and delicate patterns with a personal design.




11 Feb 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm
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What will we cover?

Our exert tutor will take you through the basic principles of the coiling technique.  From the start of the coiled spiral, through changing colours and patterns, and to the finishing lock. You’ll have chance to consider the design aspect of your finished mat.

How will I be taught?

Danoush will share her basket making skills with you in our light and airy studio

Do I need any previous experience or skills?

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners. You will learn how to make a coaster but will be able to use the same skills to create larger placemat settings.

Are materials provided? Is there anything I need to source myself?

All materials are provided so you can just turn up and take part.

What will I take home with me?

You will take home your very own colourful coaster made using a traditional coiling technique and all the knowledge you need to make more at home.


Drinks and biscuits will be available.


During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.



Danoush Lachman
Danoush Lachman

In her early childhood, Danoush spent valuable time with her grandmother, watching her sew, knit or crochet, in order to make various clothing and homeware items for the family. These items were not only mastered under her hands, but were also full of love and devotion. It took a few years and a degree in Fine Art before Danoush understood that her love of handcrafts and traditional crafts is beyond a childhood memory, but a quest for life. She dedicates her time to learning different handcrafts and passes them on, from weaving to spinning, natural dying and felting. These skills, she believes, do not only portray the history of humankind, but they hold therapeutic qualities to them and enable us to understand the world around us better. In this vast changing world, learning to create and make your own necessities is a precious gift. As an artist, Danoush combines her art and craft skills in her work, to create nature inspired images that often capture the landscape of Sussex.

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