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Learn the Japanese technique of Nuno felting, where wool is fused into an open weave fabric such as silk. You can create interesting textures as the wool felts it ruffles and puckers the fabric. In this introduction you can choose from a rainbow of coloured wool, experiment with different types of fabric including silks and sequined tulle, and add in different threads and yarns.

This workshop is led by Suzy.




15 May 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

What will we cover?

Discover the alchemy of nuno felting, where small amounts of wool are fused into an open weave fabric such as silk or cotton. 


In this nuno felting class, we’ll watch as the process causes the material to ruffle and pucker in all directions, creating interesting textures and shapes. 


The lightest of all felted material, nuno felting was developed by Polly Stirling in the 1990s. Working with her Japanese assistant Sachiko Kotaka (hence the use of the Japanese word ‘nuno’ or ‘cloth’), Stirling wanted to create a cooler felt for wearing in the warm Australian climate. 


In our nuno felting class, we concentrate on making one sample piece. (It will be big enough to make into a neck warmer if you want to, with the addition of a button or other fastening.)


You can: 

  • choose from a rainbow of coloured wool 
  • experiment with different types of fabric, including silks and sequined tulle
  • add in different threads and yarns.


You’ll leave with the confidence to continue experimenting independently. 


How will I be taught?

You’ll be taught in our lovely studio by a friendly and experienced tutor, through demonstration and guidance as you work. 


You’ll also be able to ask questions, making sure everything is clear and that you’re getting the best results you can. 


Do I need any previous experience or skills?

This course is suitable for complete beginners. 


Are materials provided? Is there anything I need to source myself?

Please bring a couple of old towels and an apron. All other materials are provided.


What will I take home with me?

One sample piece and the confidence to continue experimenting independently.


Drinks and biscuits will be available


During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.



Suzy Bennett
Suzy Bennett

Suzy is an accomplished and experienced felt maker. She uses both wet and needle felting techniques to produce accessories, toys, jewellery and ornaments, and thoroughly enjoys sharing the possibilities that felt making has to offer. She is also a keen sewer, and produces her own jewellery designs. Suzy has been a schoolteacher since 1997, and has been a subject leader for craft, design and technology. She currently combines her long-standing interest in crafts with part-time teaching and a busy family life in Hurstpierpoint, where she lives with her two young sons.

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