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A pattern cutting class is for those who want to understand, and work on, creating patterns that will perfectly fit their own shape. So, if you’re bored of ill fitting ‘me made’ garments or are fed up with the results of your dressmaking efforts this might just be the answer for you. But a class is often not enough to fully understand how to use your block and adapt it to make a garment from it.

This pattern cutting course has been put together so that you can draft and create your own garment designs. Perfect for someone who already has some experience of using and following commercial patterns.

You will start by constructing a block for either trousers or skirt (time permitting maybe even both). You will use your own measurements to plot our your block and then use this to make a calico toile. By making a toile you can bring the block to life, get a 3D fit  and make any necessary alterations to ensure a you get a fit that works with your own curves.

With your toile and block tested  you’ll then move on to working with a set of ‘mini-me’ blocks on which you will practice some pattern cutting techniques to develop the design of your garment including the possibility of adding waistbands and facings, pleats, gathers or pockets.

Once the design is finished you will then create a sewing pattern of your own simple design (if you have any previous experience this could be more advanced) and make a ‘mini-me’ toile to test the construction techniques and order of make.

By the end of your course you will leave with a sewing pattern and the knowledge to create the garment proper (full size).

Courses can be paid in full or  by 3 monthly instalments of £100 just message us to arrange at




02 Feb 2022


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

What you will need

  • 3m Spot and cross paper
  • 1.2m pattern card
  • Patternmaster
  • Drapers awl
  • Tracing wheel
  • Notches
  • Rubber
  • 2H pencil
  • HB pencil
  • Coloured fine liner pens (helps to id different adjustment/fitting lines)
  • Fabric carbon paper and tracer tool/’blunt’ tracing wheel (fine crochet hooks work also) to trace pattern details onto calico and paper
  • Calico
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread

Covid precautions

Whilst we continue to live with Covid where at all possible please bring your own sewing machine and sewing kit. Resources are available on-site if necessary. Please view our Covid-19 page for the latest guidance.


Drinks and biscuits will be available but we recommend that you bring a packed lunch with you.


During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.


Jo Bunner

Jo has been teaching dressmaking and pattern cutting for over 7 years, from beginners to advanced, cushion covers to tailored jackets and bras. Her particular specialism is fitting and pattern adjustment, having gained her experience working in the fashion industry as a Designer/Pattern cutter in ladies outerwear and tailoring.' She has been sewing for over 40 years and it still provides her escape and relaxation

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