So you think you can’t draw?

drawing workshop

So you think you can’t draw? Give me three and a half  hours and we will prove to you that you can!

This is a course for anyone who would really like to make art but just thinks they ‘can’t draw’.

Sadly, many people’s experience of art at school was to confirm their lack of creative self-belief, rather than to nurture it.

So much of being able to draw well is really about learning to look at the world differently.

Jo will teach you some approaches that will really open up the possibilities of what you feel you can draw – you’ll be amazed to see how far you can get in a short time.

Aimed at building your confidence and moving you forward to go home and draw more and more.




18 Nov 2023


9:30 am - 1:00 pm
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What will we cover?

Drawing well is about looking at things closely, and we will look at the basics of how to do this, and translate it into something on the page. We will go through a series of non-intimidating and satisfyingly pleasing exercises that will show you that actually – you can draw!

How will I be taught?

In our light and airy studio by a lovely, local artist

Do I need any previous experience or skills?

No experience or competence is needed.

Are materials provided? Is there anything I need to source myself?

All materials are provided, though you may like to bring an A3 sketchbook of your own if you like to keep all your work together.

What will I take home with me?

You will take home some pictures that you will be proud of!


Drinks and biscuits will be available.


During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.


Jo Hathaway
Jo Hathaway

Jo Hathaway is a Brighton-based painter and illustrator. Her work focuses on using colour to express memory and landscape, and is inspired by poetry and prose. Her work is varied, and spans the spectrum of abstract, expressive landscape, balancing imagination and memoir. Increasingly working on a big scale, Jo’s larger paintings express how it feels to experience the landscape, whether that is to be swirled around wild swimming, or breathing in clean bright air in the mountains. Her smaller seascapes are more representational, and sea shapes and imagery are a repeating theme used to convey hope and perseverance. Jo studied art and illustration at Warwickshire College and graduated in 1990. She has worked professionally as an artist, and published as an illustrator ever since, for many years in parallel with her work as a specialist editor and writer in health and social care. In 2023, Jo will be showing in various art fairs, festivals and galleries in Brighton, London and the South East; she will also have her first show in Ireland, 'In My Mother's Place', a selection of more intimate, personal paintings of the landscape of Tipperary and Clare. Her work is shown and sold directly, through fairs, festivals, and independent gallery exhibitions. She also teaches children and adults' workshops, in the UK and in Spain (visit Jo has a teaching qualification, an English degree from Bristol University, and a Masters from Kings College London.

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