Textile Art 3 day Summer School

textile art 3 day

Learn to paint, then mono print with real plants and flowers and finally add free motion embroidery, adding depth and texture to your picture. You will create your own original piece of textile art through printing and embroidery techniques.

Ellie Hipkin is a Brighton based textile artist producing artwork which is a mix of textile painting with mono printing and free motion embroidery. Ellie’s art is inspired by nature, from the Sussex coast to the South Downs. You’ll hear how she expresses nature’s calming colours, shapes and patterns in her work, and explore how you can do the same. 

In the 3 day school Ellie is offering an in depth course where you will learn and experiment with all 3 elements of her art to produce a large final piece of work (40cm x 40cm)




26 Sep 2021


10:30 am - 3:30 pm

What will we cover?

Immerse yourself in textile art, spending three enjoyable days creating your own nature-inspired piece.  


You’ll learn how to:

  • paint abstract landscapes and seascapes directly onto fabric
  • use natural finds – such as plants, seed heads and feathers – to add striking monoprint effects
  • create a final layer of detail, movement and texture with free motion embroidery.  


This in-depth, three-day textile art course is a chance to experiment with three very different techniques, and then combine them in a fully realised piece of textile art (40cm x 40cm).


The aim is to have fun and enjoy being creative while learning new skills.


Session 1 

This playful starter session is a chance to learn, explore and experiment on practice pieces. 


You’ll be shown how to paint directly onto fabric, with a focus on how to create a ‘wash’. You’ll be encouraged to let go of preconceived ideas about ‘good art’ and to paint with enjoyment and freedom. 


You’ll learn how to apply paint to real plants, flowers, leaves and other objects, and how to use them to create striking monoprint effects. 


Session 2 

Today you’ll put your new skills into practice, beginning work on your final piece. 


With inspiration from Ellie’s own artworks, you’ll build up your layers, using painting and monoprinting techniques.


The session will end with an introduction to free motion embroidery so that you’re all set for the final stage. 


Session 3 

Drawing on the tips and techniques you’ve been taught, you’ll build your confidence in free motion embroidery by working on practice pieces. 


You’ll then add the all-important layer of embroidery to your artwork, adding appliqué and hand embroidery if you wish. 


We’ll close by viewing all the finished pieces, with tips and ideas for framing your work.


How will I be taught?

You’ll be taught in our lovely studio by a friendly and experienced tutor, through demonstration and guidance as you work. 


You’ll also be able to ask questions, making sure everything is clear and that you’re getting the best results you can. 


Do I need any previous experience or skills?

To join this textile art course it’s helpful to have some prior basic experience with a sewing machine.  


Are materials provided? Is there anything I need to source myself?

We recommend bringing an apron. 


All other materials are provided, but you can bring your own natural finds – such as leaves, feathers, flowers and seed heads – if you wish. You can also bring images of landscapes or seascapes for inspiration. 


If you wish to bring your own machine, please bring some spare bobbins and check that you’re familiar with how to drop the feed dog. It’s often helpful to have your manual to hand during the session. 


If you have a free motion embroidery foot (also known as darning foot), please bring this too.  (If not we can lend you one.)  


What will I take home with me?

You’ll leave with your beautiful, multi-layered piece of textile art. 



Drinks and biscuits will be available but we recommend that you bring a packed lunch with you.


During all of our workshops photographs are taken for promotional purposes only. Please make us aware at the time of booking if you would prefer not to be included.


Ellie Hipkin
Ellie Hipkin

Ellie fell in love with textile art at school and was drawn back to it after 15 years studying and working in fashion design. Inspired by the calming power of nature on the South Downs and the Sussex coastline, Ellie paints directly onto raw canvas, cottons and silks. She uses natural finds gathered on family walks - such as grasses, seed heads and feathers - to add monoprinting effects, then uses free motion embroidery to add a final layer of texture and detail. Ellie loves sharing these skills in her textile art courses. She sells her own artwork through www.elliehipkinart.com and runs Flourish Textile Art hub at www.flourish-hub.com.

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