Happy Scrappy Quilt along – Month 2

Happy Scrappy 2 Complete Block

This month’s block is made up of three elements; half square triangles for the corners, flying geese for the middle side sections and a diamond square for the centre. 


We have used four coloured fabrics and two, very similar,  background cream fabrics.


See notes for this QAL at the end of this post


Miss out last month? 


Month 1 visible here.


step 1 cutting out

For the HST:

(1) 5 ½” square in each colour

(4) 5 ½” squares in background

For the Flying Geese:

(8) 4 ½” x  2 ½” background rectangles

(4) 2 ½” squares in each colour

For the diamond square:

(1) 4 ½”  square in background 

(1) 2 ½” square in each colour

Cutting out diamond square

Step 2 Half Square Triangles for the corners

Sew the half square triangles as per the instructions last month for block 1. (Note you will have 4 HSTs left  that are not required for this project.)

Trim your HSTs to 4 ½” square.

Step 3 sewing the flying geese units

Mark a diagonal line across the wrong side of all of the coloured squares. 

Place one square RST on the right hand side of a background rectangle. Sew along the marked line from the centre top to bottom right. 

Trim the fabric to ¼” from the seam. Press the seam outwards. 

You need to make two of these in each colour.

sewing flying geese
sewing flying geese
sewing flying geese
sewing flying geese

Step 3 sewing flying geese continued

You will then need to work out which colours you want where as this determines which colour you put on the other side. 

Place the appropriate coloured square RST on to the left hand side of the background rectangle and sew along the marked line from top centre to bottom left corner. Trim the fabric as before and press the seam.

You should now have 8 flying geese units.

sewing flying geese

Step 4 sewing the centre

Draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of each coloured square.

Making sure you use the coloured fabric squares in the correct order, place a coloured square RST on the top right hand side of the background square and sew along the line.

Trim to ¼” and press the seam outwards. 

quilt centre
quilt centre

Then place a coloured square top left, sew along the line, trim and press.

Repeat with a coloured square on the bottom right and then again with a coloured square on the bottom left.

sewing the centre quilt
sewing the centre quilt

Step 5 Sewing the block together

Lay all elements of the block out to ensure correct placement when sewing together.

With right sides together, pin and sew the matching sets of flying geese units and press seams open.

sewing block together quilt
complete flying geese
  • Sew the top row together ensuring the flying geese unit is in the middle carefully matching seams. Press seams open.
  • Sew the middle row together ensuring the diamond square is in the  middle, carefully matching seams. Press seams open.
  • Sew the bottom row together in the same way as the top row.
  • Sew the rows together (top row to middle and then bottom row to middle) carefully matching seams, press seams open.

You’re all done. Unfinished size (i.e. at the stage) 12.5″. It will become a 12″ finished block.

If you would like a downloadable  pdf click here.

Month 1 visible here.

Happy Scrappy 2 Complete Block

Feeling happy to share?

If you have enjoyed month 2 of our Happy Scrappy quilt along for 2022 why hot show us your block. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook using the tag @madeandmaking or drop us an email with a picture of your block.

Happy Scrappy QAL notes

When cutting don’t forget to consider the direction of the print on your fabric if this is important to you.

All seams are sewn using a quarter inch presser foot.

A good stitch length to use is 1.8 – 2 unless otherwise stated.

As a rule all seams should be pressed towards the darkest fabric unless otherwise advised. To reduce bulky seams seam allowances can be pressed open (butterly pressed)

All blocks are 12.5″ unfinished and 12″ finished


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