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Hear from tutor Jane Spedding herself:

Are you a quilter who struggled with straight lines and pointy corners? Or maybe you love the precise nature of traditional quilting but would like a new challenge? 

Have you thought about Improv quilting but been afraid to try it, or unsure where to begin?

Or maybe you’ve never even heard of Improv quilting? 

Well, an Improvisational quilt is made without a specific intention. Improv quilts just begin, not without a design idea in mind necessarily, but the quilt grows organically out of improv piecing and develops as the quilter stitches it. Each quilter develops their own unique style.” 

– Jane

improv sampler

“Your basic quilting techniques of piecing, pressing and trimming are still useful, but the design is free, fluid and flexible, and the quilt is made without a formal plan or pattern. 

There’s something so freeing about embracing imperfection and rule-breaking. It’s such fun to see the variety in shape, colours and design that different people produce.

 The beauty of improv-quilting is that no two quilts will ever be alike.

Have I made improvisational piecing sound simple? Well, it is and it isn’t! There are techniques and concepts that are worth learning, as these will help you make the most of this type of quilting.” – Jane 

hear from Melanie - a previous student:

How did you find the tutor?

‘Jane was an excellent tutor. Her easy to follow notes and demonstrations covered everything I had hoped to learn from this course and more.’

What was the structure of each day? 

‘The days usually started with a demonstrations of the technique we would be covering that day, we were shown examples to give us ideas of what the final outcome would be. ‘

See photo for Melanie’s gorgeous improv quilt she made following the course. 

thatswelllush insta quilt

How did it feel?

‘I think this course was one of the best I have ever done over the years.

It is such a great studio space,a really welcoming and creative environment. I feel like I have got some of my creative passion back and I have been inspired to explore more improv patchwork as a result. 

I did a textile design degree years ago and now sew for a living but don’t always get the freedom to explore new techniques. This class has really ignited my love of experimenting with fabric again and I cannot thank Jane enough.

Also thanks to the other people on this course, it was fascinating to have show and tells at the start of each session to see how each person had created something different using the same techniques. Sharing their knowledge and learning from others who also had a passion for sewing made this course even better than I was anticipating.’

What did you take home at the end of the course?

‘I have a sample quilted blanket which shows 9 different techniques of improv quilting.

I have learnt the quilting techniques, batting fabrics and the range of hand and machine finishings that can be achieved. I have gained some new skills that I plan on continue practising.

So far I have made a baby blanket gift for a friend and cushions that I have sold for charity and donated for a charity that furnishes homes for refugees.’

Would you recommend it?

‘I would absolutely recommend this course. Each session was informative and interesting. Jane was a fantastic teacher and lovely person, always happy to help if you got stuck. I feel a huge sense of achievement learning new skills.Three hours flies by too fast.

I wish I could do it all over again!’  – Melanie 

Have a nose at some of the quilts from the last course:

improv sampler
improv sampler
improv sampler
improv sampler
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