Get to know interfacings recorded class including full sample pack


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Price includes a sample set Vlieseline interfacings and some alternatives.

Baffled by all the choices of interfacings? Do you ever wonder what the difference is between woven, non woven, lightweight and medium weight. How to choose the best interfacing from your stash? Wonder no longer.

It can be really daunting buying online, making sure you choose the right one. It can also be daunting when you don’t see the brand/product you were after.. what do you buy now?

Building on the success of our get to know fabrics masterclass we are now tackling interfacings. During this 2 hour listen and learn session I’ll talk through over a wide range of samples from manufacturers Vlieseline as well as some alternatives.  You’ll learn when to use them and what the options really are. After all, we don’t know what we don’t know. Learn about how to make the right choices and also how to use them.

This is a recording of the 2 hour online session which comes with an accompanying sample pack with over 55 samples of interfacing solutions. You don’t need to wait for your sample pack to arrive to watch the content but your sample pack will let you tough and feel as you listen.

This is a recording of a live ‘listen and learn’ class that was delivered over Zoom which you can stop and start at any time.

Please note that when we go out of stock it usually takes 2 weeks to restock.


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