Patchwork block keeper pattern


Where do you keep your patchwork blocks when you are making a quilt? We have the answer with our lovely block keeper. Fun to make, this will organise your blocks and keep them wrinkle free until you are ready to use them. It holds 24 blocks up to 12.5″ square and has two pockets for all your bits!

You are purchasing a complete set of instructions to make your block keeper which will be attached to your confirmation email for immediate access. To complete the project you will need;

a piece of patchwork 35″ x 15″ (already pieced) to make the cover.(nb If you don’t want to have a patchwork cover then you just need to bring a piece of fabric the same size)

Two pieces of lining fabric 35″ x 15″ and 15″ x 15″ (can be different fabrics if you prefer)

A fat quarter of fabric for the binding

A 16″ zip

A piece of clear vinyl 15″ X 15″ for the pocket

1 piece of wadding 36″ x 16″

6 pieces of wadding each 13″ x 26″ . We recommend 80:20 wadding. 100% polyester wadding is NOT suitable for this project.

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