Presser foot perfection video workshop


ENROLL before the end of May 2023



We’ve been asked to run this online for ages and to prove we do listen here it is!

The video workshop will be available for viewing from 1st JUNE and takes you step by step through a wide variety of different presser feet and how to use them.  You will need access to a sewing machine and is suitable for beginners upwards.

Do you ever wonder what all those presser feet do? Have you tried using one and not got the right result? Not sure which presser feet are worth the investment? If you would like to know more about sewing machine presser feet then this workshop is for you.

Spend a morning or an afternoon in the comfort of your own home experimenting and perfecting the techniques. Use this as an ongoing reference tool for every time you need to use one. Watching our video workshop you can stop and start as much as you like, and you have our guidance and expertise every step of the way. Want to make another one and forgotten all the tips? Don’t worry because you will have ongoing access to the workshop to watch again and again and again.

Our presser foot sewing class is aimed at those who can use a machine and would now like to understand how to get the best from the large variety of presser feet that are available.

Using the right tools for your sewing project is what makes the difference between a good finish and a fabulous finish.  Take your sewing machine skills to the next level.

You’ll learn when, why and how to use a variety of presser feet, including, but not limited to:

  • button sewing foot
  • blind hem foot
  • roller hem foot
  • even feed feet
  • overcast foot
  • gathering foot
  • bias binding foot
  • fringing foot
  • cording foot
  • beading foot.
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