Seminole cushion sewing pattern (PDF)


This is a fantastic fun project as demonstrated on Sewing Street.

This uses basic principles of patchwork and quilting ( no prior experience is necessary).

You will go on to learn how to insert a lapped zip in a cushion for a professional finish.

You will need:

11/12  x 2.5inch strips that are approx 22″ long will make one cushion front and have some left over.  (If you use whole jelly roll strips you could makes approx 3 of these cushion fronts)

26″ x 17″ wadding

1/2m of fabric or a piece approx 75cm tall by 50cm wide for the back of the cushion.

Cotton to match to construction and also quilting.

A zip at least a 45cm/18″

You are purchasing the detailed instructions to complete the patchwork front and complete a professional lapped zip insertion for the back of your cushion. This will be available to you as a pdf attachment to your purchase confirmation so that you don’t need to wait and we dont need to bother our posties!

See Sarah demonstrating this pattern on Sewing Street in the video below (skip to 3.02 hours in)

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